Past Projects

From time to time Calstock Footpath Society works with other groups on improving the facilites and information for residents and visitors within the Tamar Valley and Calstock Parish.  These are some the of the projects we have taken part in.

Calstock Parish Historic Routeways

The proposal was to identify historic routeways through the analysis of historic maps and add the resulting information to the Calstock Parish Heritage Map held at the Tamar Valley AONB.

The aim was to enhance the historic record by community participation in identifying historic routes, encouraging people to learn about and understand their local landscape, and then to go and explore it.

Local Area Guides

The Gunnislake Guide was produced in 1999 and the Calstock Map and Guide created in 2000.  These have been used by many locals and visitors in the area for many years but are now outdated.

A new format was needed to provide information about walking in Calstock Parish.


Calstock Footpath Society responded by asking members for their favourite walks within Calstock Parish and made these into our 9 Walk Guides, which you can download for your own use.


The Walk Guides are also available in hard copy at the Tamar Valley AONB Centre in Drakewalls.


Older copies of the Walk Guides may be from the original 2011/12 printing, and some details have been changed since then to help walkers to guide themselves or to change information about refreshments.  For the most up to date versions please see our Walk Guides online.

1986 Survey of all known PROWs

In 1986 the Calstock Footpath Society was involved in a survey of all the known Public Rights of Ways in the Calstock Parish.  This became the definitive list of today.

We had the idea of revisiting the places where photos and notes were taken in 1986 and see how they have changed now in 2021.  This project is ongoing.